PC Repair and Tuning - Fast turn-around ~ Most service completed in 24 to 48 hours!

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We are a leader in virus removal on Windows-based computers in the Whatcom County area. We employ only the best practices in dealing with computer infections. We don’t rely on questionable software or on your computer’s own ability to remove the virus. Our methods are proven, effective and fast. No one else in town will provide faster or higher quality service at as reasonable a price. Speed, Quality, Price. Now you can choose all three.

What to do if you think your computer is infected

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If your computer is sluggish, it may be time for a tune-up. Just like your car, your computer needs regular maintenance to keep it running at its best. Our PC Tune-Up service is a proprietary process that will get your computer running smoothly and securely. During the PC Tune-Up, your computer’s security, registry, BIOS, and program startup settings are optimized for maximum effectiveness, and unnecessary files are removed. Your computer is then cleaned inside and out, updated and returned to its best running condition. The Tune-Up includes installation of free virus & spyware software w/updates.

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If your old computer has just given up the fight, you may not have lost your data! Very often the data can still be recovered from your old hard drive.

We can take your old computer and attempt to access the data from the old hard drive. If the drive’s motors haven’t completely failed, your data can likely be restored to another media. More serious failures of the drive can be sent out to recovery facilities with clean rooms.

More info about our Data Recovery options

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Data Recovery Service

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Data Recovery
Through a partnership with a premier data recovery service, if your hard drive is no longer working, don’t give up! Call Drive Savers at 800-440-1904 or go to www.drivesavers.com. Be sure to provide the Virus Busters discount code: DS27560

Customer Phone Support!

We speak English and do not play phone tag, or put our customers on hold, or make them talk to someone across the world. We can handle most of our customer's support needs right over the phone. Back that up with our computer warranty and you are sure to have a great experience at The Virus Busters.

Ask Us Anything!

Got a question about computers? Just ask. We will do our very best to respond to your question quickly and accurately!